MERYC England invites you to discover the world of early childhood music using research to promote high quality practice and using practice to promote high quality research – building bridges for the benefit of children.

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Chair's Statement

Dr Alison Street
Chair of Trustees
MERYC England

A new year; a time of uncertainty and overwhelming need for resilience in the music freelance workforce and in the families and young children with whom we work. We should not place music education in a bubble, detached from the real challenges of health, food, fuel costs; MERYC England sees the function of music as fundamental to the creative pulse of early childhood.

Not ‘add on’ or showcase opportunity, but a rigorous art form we believe should be accessible to all ages, cultures and abilities, where children’s expressiveness is welcomed with genuine interest in a continuum of music learning.

‘Simply having music on the timetable is not enough; we need to make that time worthwhile’ (Mark Phillips, ISM Conference Nov 21). So, worthwhile for the families we support; worthwhile for children in their settings; worthwhile for the EY practitioners with whom we work; worthwhile for the workforce to feel valued in what and how music is delivered.

Do join in our 2022 on line seminar series to help us all move forward and share our knowledge and experiences.

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