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MERYC’s conferences and seminars have produced some fascinating research, some of which can be found in the conference proceedings and resources below.

2023 Barcelona

2022 Vienna (online)

2019 Ghent
Download 2019 Ghent Proceedings
2017 Cambridge
Download 2017 Cambridge Proceedings

2015 estonia

2013 Hague
Download 2013 Hague Proceedings 

2021 Newcastle (online) 
Download 2021 Newcastle proceedings

2018 Bristol
Download 2018 Bristol proceedings

2016 Edge Hill
2014 Cambridge
Download 2014 Cambridge proceedings


January 2024: Young Children's Musical Play in the Outdoors 

See the slides from the seminar


July 2023: From mushrooms to musical play

April 2023: The Visiting Musician

Jan 2023: The Changing Toolkit

June 2022: Sing Our Story - personalised songwriting with children & families

March 2022: Building Communities of Practice post pandemic

Oct 2021: Loud and Clear - Family Music Making: Social Pedagogy in Action

June 2021: How Does Research Meet Practice inEarly Childhood Music ?

Read the group discussion and final reflections

March 2021: Research into practice #2: Musical play matters

Read a transcript of the session 

Jan 2021: Research into practice #1 : All about parents

Oct 2020: An Introduction To Deep Listening

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