MERYC England invites you to discover the world of early childhood music using research to promote high quality practice and using practice to promote high quality research – building bridges for the benefit of children.

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Chair's Statement

Dr Alison Street
Chair of Trustees
MERYC England

As we emerge from lockdown we are aware more and more of the cost of regulating against the spread of Coronovirus; costs through loss of income for individuals, businesses and performers and venues. These are having a devastating effect on many in the performing arts. There is also the less obvious cost of young children’s social and communicative development, which in more normal times would be helped by their day to day play and learning with others and supported by musical activities in daycare and nurseries.
Now is a good time to share our experiences from different local and national perspectives, and discuss the implications. Researchers, practitioners, creative artists - if you are working in music with young children, you are warmly invited to join in with our on line seminar series.

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