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MERYC England invites you to discover the world of early childhood music using research to promote high quality practice and using practice to promote high quality research – building bridges for the benefit of children.

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Chair's Statement

Dr Julia Partington
Chair of Trustees
MERYC England

I am delighted to take on the role of Chair of Trustees for MERYC England, having long admired the organisation and the work it does to support research and practice in early childhood music education. I now have the sincere privilege of working alongside the most inspiring colleagues on the Board of Trustees and I look forward to collaborating with them and with all of you who join in with the varied programme of activity offered by MERYC.


This ongoing programme is designed to support those working in the field in practice and also in research, to overcome shared challenges, seeking to connect and support the ECME community and to cooperatively seek out positive solutions. It is our hope that this approach will nurture the continued growth and success of our field, build ever stronger connections between us and most importantly, ensuring that as many children as possible continue to have access to high quality music making experiences in early childhood. 


I give heartfelt thanks to my predecessor Dr Alison Street for all she did for MERYC England and for the national and international ECME community during her time as Chair of Trustees. I take inspiration and motivation from her expert, warm and collegial leadership as I undertake this new role.

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conferences & SEMINARS


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MERYC England
Music Educators and Researchers of Young Children
MERYC ENGLAND  registered charity no.1169504
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