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On-line Seminar Series 2022 Building Communities of Practice 17th March 7-9pm

This is what I try and aspire to every time I connect with someone, whether for the first time or with an established connection – positive energy to enable everyone to be who they need to be at any particular time. Empathy and emotional intelligence in abundance.

My interest in connection and collaboration comes from the post graduate studies I did at CREC between 2013 and 2016. Being part of the CREC ‘family’ was an experience that was so positive and so beneficial that I wanted to try and recreate it, so others could also benefit. My final year dissertation looked at how collaboration amongst a group of early years music practitioners could help us all to reflect and develop as practitioners. I set up a group who came together to share and discuss what was important to them. Collaboration is sometimes about finding a single solution to a problem but for our group the idea was that everyone would find solutions that were relevant to their particular circumstances. The individuals in the group all came from different walks of life, had different experiences and knowledge and by sharing these, broader perspectives opened up to enable possible/alternative solutions to arise.

As we come out of lockdown, having experienced connection, pretty much as described above, during our zoom meet ups, it is good to consider how we might continue this positive change. Traditionally, practitioners have worked in a very isolated way – do we want to return to that now that the pandemic is receding? Or do we want to keep those connections going? Do we want to feel the energy that arises when we come together to share and support, with kindness and care.

In the seminar on 17th March, I will delve more into this and share my insights into how achievable it is. I will use my experience of mentoring and coaching to show how the energy that Brene Brown talks about is possible for everyone. You will have the opportunity to share what is important to you, in a safe, confidential space, without fear of interruption. Knowing that you are not going to be interrupted is a great way to enable your thinking to develop. And for those listening, the skill of being wholly present, giving your full attention is a very powerful way to let the speaker know that you believe in them. This is a simple yet highly effective way for connections to be built.

Come and find out more.

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