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The Changing Toolkit - Online Wednesday 18th January 2023 7-9pm

In our Seminar series:OVERCOMING CHALLENGES FINDING SOLUTIONS the first seminar of 2023 focuses on the ways that early years music practice is adapting to the Post-pandemic enviornment.

Margareta Burrell - MERYC England Trustee will share findings from her MA dissertation research study that was conducted during lockdown. She explored the ways in which early childhood music practitioners met challenges and developed strategies as they responded and adapted to an every-changing situation.

We will hear the firsthand experiences of Shirley Stump and Carol Bowden - early childhood music practitioners - as they worked through the pandemic and now.

There will be the opportunity to contribute to the discussion and for us to learn from each other about what works in the 'new normal'.

Do join us

Book your place HERE: £12 Waged £5 unwaged

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